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Eastern Media Group are online publishers of two newspapers; The Sikh Times and Eastern Voice both targeting a niche audience.

Eastern Media Group is a publishing house set up eight years ago. Today we can boast the success of two weekly titles along with a string of brochures affiliated to the religious calendar of Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.

Eastern Media Group is passionate to serve the Asian community internationally; this aim is now achievable by going completely online.

Eastern Media Group has a project that will enable the community not only to be better informed but also better educated.

This service is free globally endorsing that we live in a global village. is the first British Asian publishing house to have news daily online.

The Sikh Times will continue to be the UK’s only bi-lingual newspaper online.

Eastern Voice will still be targeting the 3rd and 4th generation of British Asians, the editorial will deal with ‘taboo’ subject be informative yet liberal.

Our page teen will still be a proactive bit tasteful part of the new online facility.

The Chairman of Eastern Media Group Jaspal Singh would like to convey his gratitude for your support and patients in this new project, of a daily online facility.

Jaspal Singh said:

This next phase for Eastern Media Group is a very exiting prospect. We will be the first British Asian media company to go daily, online and free.

It marks the next step for us, as we continue to unite all communities at the click of a button.”

The concerns and issues of the Asian community are still different, their culture is their strength, a strength that will give direction to other communities, this we will culminate and promote globally”

21st century is the Asian century and we are the Asian media that will endorse support the achievements and successes of Asians, this is our role to bring Asians into the focus of the world, we will report their issues to the world”

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