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Thu, Jul 08, 2010 12:15:22
India becoming one of the major players on the world stage

By N.S.Shergill,

India the largest democracy in the world is in a process of rising up to become one of the major players on the world stage. Despite being a colourful mosaic of cultures and faiths, she remains one of the poorest yet most peaceful of the newcomers on the world stage.
From the sublime backdrop of the geological roof of the world the mile high block of Himalayan mountain range flow five of her most sacred rivers onto the plains named after this unique phenomenon – namely The Punjab, land of the five rivers.
Punjab culture is based by and large in the religion of Sikhism, the youngest and most open of the entire world’s major faiths and religions. It is platformed upon cleanliness, hygiene and service to both communities and those less fortunate.
Historically, The Punjab was connected to Europe to the West and China to the East via Southern track of The Silk Road. Trade and entrepreneurial skills were thus ingrained within the people of the plains.
Their ten gurus or Saint Scholars taught the path of peace and yet in the same spirit, used their prowess to spawn a religion and movement of the brave and fearless warriors. This held off many attempts over the past five hundred years, of both Northern and Eastern armies trying to invade this jewel of Asia by taking advantage of the peaceful nature of her majority spiritually Hindu inhabitants.
Brave, courageous and fearlessly sincere,  the men of turbans and beards have no held off Moghul and Mongol invasions but have emigrated to virtually every corner of the known world.
From their historical origins, the Sikh Diaspora renowned for their particular skills of leadership and diligence hold both the country of India and represent the anchors by which all Indians abroad are able to establish and sustain themselves.
In order to connect,  maintain and enhance the links between Sikhs in the U.K, Canada, U.S.A, Africa and India one man Nirpal Singh Shergill has devoted over a decade of his life to compiling an as yet fledgling compendium of not only Sikhs but Punjabi people and Indians spread across the globe into one complete labor of love directory (“Indians Abroad" – and Punjab Impact) through which the race is able to both communicate and maintain itself.
The 2010 edition of this annually updated directory represents the 12th conjoining of Sikh peoples coming with he construction and launch of a sister website. The work is comprehensive, in that it brings together essential yellow pages of the business, religious, academic and cultural institutions and organizations that has grown organically ever since the conscientious compilation of the first edition twelve years ago.
So, thorough is the work that it belongs on the shelves and desktops of any and all people interested in the progression of he Punjabi peoples and communities across the globe. Full of accurate details easily accessible and still growing year by year it truly deserves is place as the number one " International Directory of  Punjabi non-resident Indians" and those foreign businesses and organizations interested in both working with and doing projects that shall be based upon India’s new platform as the world’s most influential upcoming giant democracy.

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