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Weekly Horoscopes

(week starting 22nd March 10)


Acharya  Surinder Gautama


Telephone: 07504981198




March 21-April 19

A conflict between your career/business and family responsibilities is in the stars. Sun’s transit in your own sign heralds the beginning of a fortunate period, optimism, progress and success.  Partnership matters are highlighted for next few months and cooperation will be the key factor in joint ventures. Changes to life style, health concerns and positive opportunities are on the way. Deal with outstanding financial matters


April 20-May 20 

It is time to rest and recharge your batteries and be prepared for a forthcoming hectic period in few weeks .The fiery planet Mars, currently in your solar zone of home and family may trigger minor conflicts and arguments. Some unexpected cash is coming your way, be prudent and do not overspend. Workmates, friends and new contacts bring sunshine to your life. Relax at home at the weekend.


 May 21-June 21  

Your social status and popularity soar and it is evident that you will join a new charity organization and make new contacts.  Mid April provides you the opportunity to find your dream home and you will soon be relocating. Relationships, family, legal affairs and career run smooth this week. Someone attractive and sensual is about to capture your heart- are you ready for a commitment?



June 22-July 22 

Your solar chart zone relating to travel, foreign contacts and knowledge is under favourable stars now, and your get opportunities to advance your career/business and increase your income. As the Sun transits Aries, your charm and magnetism soar and you are on the centre stage.   The past delays, glitches and obstructions now disappear. Any changes you have been planning in Domestic and property, can now be implemented. 

July 23-August 22 
As the week begins, you have a surge of energy and magnetism, determination and motivation to charge ahead with your projects. Your desire to broaden your horizon, adventure or gain knowledge may prompt you to travel or enroll for an educational course.  Tackle paperwork, legal matters, and correspondence and investment issues by Wednesday. Romance and love cheer you on Friday. Drive with care and caution.



August 23-September 22 

Far travel, foreign friends and relations and communications prove beneficial.  Significant changes and opportunities are coming your way during next few weeks. Unexpected cash arrives this week- don’t splash out but save for the future.  Avoid arguments and squabbles both at workplace and at home. Property matters and investments need a review and expert advice. Go slow at the weekend, rest and indulge in relaxing activities.



September 23-October 22 

Relationships are top of the agenda for the coming weeks and if you are looking for love and romance go and socialize and net a catch.  Opportunities to change your life style acquire a new job (possibly in the same organization) and resolve legal issues are on the way. You may receive a cash bonus- use it pay outstanding bills. Diplomacy and humility win heart


October 23 - November 21 

Work will be hectic for the next month and you will have to strike a balance between home workplace. A professional matter gets complicated and communications are muddled on Thursday but solution arrives on Friday. The love planet transits Aries and it suggests that you will have romantic fling at workplace or a social event. Cash slips through your fingers faster than it comes in.




November 22-December 21 

All the benefic planets are together in hot and hot Aries signaling the start of a new romance and renewed urge for adventure and pleasure. Avoid flirtations and save yourself complications.   A VIP and resourceful person provide you a professional opening.  Expansion, new horizons, financial security, family bliss and success come to you in next two months. Review your financial outgoing and check bank statements. 



December 22-January 19
The focus this week is on real estate matters, family and children’s affairs and career.  You may be running from pillar to post and need to find a balance between work and domestic life. You may feel tired and exhausted and irritated but ensure that you remain calm and avoid irrational outbursts.  It is time to break away from relationships that have caused tension and chaos. 


January 20-February 18 

You are in nostalgic mode and wish to visit places that hold fond memories and see old friends. The next four weeks will be hectic at place of work as your projects start moving forward again after a period if stress, delays and obstructions.  Communications run smooth, your social status soars and you can concentrate on paperwork, short journeys and family reunion. Investments look great.



February 19-March 20
The area of your solar chart governing property and finances is under the benefic eyes of the planets – you can now safely push ahead to invest, arrange a loan/mortgage or delve in real estate. If you are looking for a more productive job or a business contract, now is the right time to go for it. If single you will meet a guy/girl of your dreams.




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